WELCOME TO EN ROOT. A FOOD TRUCK serving 100% vegan, Indian fusion cuisine.

NUtrition is the key. EN ROOT celebrates fresh SEASONAL vegetables, wholesome pulses & Aromatic Gujarati spices to deliver a unique, internationally influenced menu. 

"Indian Fusion, International Confusion"











Our Roots

Gujarat, India is the root but as roots travel, EN ROOT takes your pallet on an international journey with Latin and Afro-Caribbean influences created in South London.



Catering in every way. EN ROOT provides food for life to energise, uplift and power up the people no matter what the event. From music festivals and yoga retreats to weddings & rugby training, we always have an option to suit your needs. Flexible, affordable and ideal for all.




EN ROOT uses an array of authentic Gujarati spices and unique culinary creations to deliver a health orientated 100% plant based menu.  In using select vegetables from the four corners of the world and the most interesting of pulses, our goodness comes to provide nutrition to the mind, body & soul.

With a focus on well-being, EN ROOT incorporates a number of superfoods into our product processing giving you that extra push of fortifying nutrients, vitamins and minerals. 

vegan. Homemade. PURE GOODNESS.


Our Raja Bonnet Sauce

The Original. The first of many to come out the EN ROOT kitchen. A special blend worthy of any spice admirer. If you haven't tried it, you ought to. If you have, you should have bought two. Ommm Scotchy B!