Our story started at Off the Cuff in Herne Hill, SE24. Having noticed a distinct lack of healthy breakfast options for busy commuters, we decided to set up a stall offering people a range of uplifting beverages and energy balls.

On our immediate success in the area we were overwhelmed with the opportunity to take control of 107 Dulwich Road opposite Brockwell Park where EN ROOT established in February 2016. With a refreshing look to the area unifying the community and bringing health and well-being to the focus of many, EN ROOT grew from strength to strength. Through experimenting with our cultural background to create a richly international menu, EN ROOT attracted a diverse crowd with something for everyone.

Event catering soon came to us as organisers got in touch to bring our goodness beyond SE24. Impressed by the dishes created, the pleasant atmosphere and the general concept, venues regularly booked our services and word soon spread as demand from the UK's best independent music festivals brought us to the decision to turn our pop-up into a mobile catering business.

So there we are. And here we are. Forwards ever, backwards never!


NPM front of En root.jpg